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Find Your Brave

Find your voice – have the hard conversations.

It is hard to find the courage if you don’t know how to start the conversation. Holding hard conversations is a huge source of angst for leaders today. At times, conversations can be awkward, confrontational and exhausting!

It is critical for leaders to understand the impact and cost of not having the conversations that need to be had. Recent data tells us that 1 in 4 people put off having a tough conversation; on average, employees spend 3-4 hours a week thinking about a hard conversation. Is this you?

In this presentation Velia will share her 6 essential steps, arming you with confidence to have those conversations.

Audience Take-Aways

    • Learn how easy it is to diagnose an issue
    • Learn how to apply the essential 6 steps, immediately
    • Tackle communication with confidence
    • Learn how to find your brave and have the conversations that need to be had

Velia has been working with senior leaders across a variety of industries for over 30 years. She is renowned for her work in this field. Velia provides practical solutions. Her quick wit and engaging style have audiences laughing as they relate to the entertaining but real-life hard conversations.

FIND YOUR BRAVE is an ideal keynote presentation.

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Was there ever a topic that caused more angst than having a hard conversation? It is hard to find the courage if you don’t know how to start the conversation. This presentation will give you the confidence to have the conversations you need to have.

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