Life is a journey … Your journey.

“Time out to go within” is a three-day residential retreat that combines learning and laughter to create a special space for very busy women like you to just stop and focus on self. Held in South East Queensland, you have the opportunity to take “time out” to examine you and your life. Who you are, where you are, realign your core values and to check-in with yourself to ask the hard question. What am I doing? Where am I going?

The retreat provides an amazing opportunity for you to escape from the pressures, challenges and extreme busyness of your life; to take time out to reflect and consider all the parts that combine to make the precious sum total of YOU.

When like-minded, highly capable, busy women get together, the atmosphere is inspirational. You will find the retreat confronting as you are taken on a journey.

especially created for you to slow down the pace of your life for just a few days. It gives you time to realign yourself, and in some cases, to reconnect with YOU as a whole person.

The retreat is a very powerful time out to just be YOU. That is very tough for women who are used to juggling multiple things from busy careers to every day family life.

Life is full of choices! Life is to be enjoyed! “Time Out to go within” will provide you with the space to reconnect with you and leave some of the gathered, unwanted noise and nonsense behind you. You will leave the retreat feeling refreshed and lighter and maybe even smiling as you remember the unbelievable experience of this weekend.

Yourkit bag.

During the Time Out program you will develop a 'kit bag' of self - empowering life skills and strategies to:

  • Communicate with confidence.
  • Build meaningful relationships.
  • Provide constructive feedback.
  • Relieve stressful situations.
  • Resolve conflicts without the mess.
  • Create and maintain balance in your life.
  • Deal with emotional issues that adversely affect you and hold you back.
  • Examine your individual patterns of behaviour.
Suellen Twiname

Self-awareness retreat. What a great gift this turned out to be for me.

Julie Watson

Powerful, life changing

Caroline Milford

"Time Out to Go Within is an enlightening experience that teaches you about yourself and truly gives you 'time out' to grow and learn"

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